First Impressions Last: The Importance of a Professional-Looking Workplace

Author: Jon Gill
Posted On: June 21, 2018
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First Impressions Last: The Importance of a Professional-Looking Workplace


Technology has changed the nature of how we work, allowing effective remote and mobile business operations. Yet, this has actually solidified the need for growing companies to establish workplaces where team members can physically regroup, gather, and work, reinforcing a sense of brand and collective mission. Flexible workplaces, co-working environments, and co-tenancy options such as CoTEN in Sydney exist to provide such needed space.

This is particularly important for start-ups and SMEs that have “jumped out of the basement” and are looking to carve out a reputation. Gone are the days (and nights) of makeshift tables, cramped and limited seats, and takeout food. Young and growing companies instead need to develop so that critical focus can be maintained in the early years in a collaborative work environment that feels a little more professional.

And when it comes to the workplace itself, it’s important that it is also “professional-looking.” But why is this so, and what does that actually mean?


Encourage Productivity


Imagine a workplace in which rules are not followed. Unstructured people often gravitate towards short-term fixes and procrastination. Cables snake across the floor, files start piling up, and personal items begin to define vague bubbles of territorial desk space—definitely not a pretty sight.

Although it’s fine to encourage team members and employees to “feel at home,” it’s always wise to emphasise the need to still be professional and organised. One way to achieve this is by having a professional-looking workplace that puts a premium on being organised. Studies have shown that such workplaces actually encourage more productivity from the employees, which benefits the business in general.

This certainly makes sense—when employees walk through the door of a workplace that looks professional, they see it as a venue to work and be productive rather than to be lazy and unproductive. On the other hand, a run-down, dirty, or disorganised workplace fosters confusion, which can lead to less work being done.


It Positively Affects Your Reputation


The saying “first impressions last” is also true in business. Imagine potential clients or partners walking into your office and seeing it disorganised and full of clutter. They might not mention it to you, but chances are they’ll think that you and your employees are also disorganised and inefficient. If you can’t even take good care of your workplace, how can you be trusted to deliver good service or performance?

As such, having a workspace that exudes quality and professionalism is important. It basically tells others that you are to be trusted, that you deliver professional and top-quality products and services, and that your business gets the job done. In other words, a workplace’s looks can be a reflection of the true identity of a business, and it can convince more people to work for you or become your clients.


Make Your Employees Proud


They say a business is only as good as its workers. And when they are inefficient or feel uninspired, the quality of work delivered will take a hit as well. And since people are affected by the environment they’re in, a low-quality or shabby workplace that’s in obvious need of order or repairs will also negatively affect their performance. Worse, this might even lead to them leaving the company. After all, who’d want to spend years working in a neglected, dilapidated setting, right?

As such, there’s always the need to help employees feel happy and inspired. Make them feel proud to go to work through a workplace that looks professional, clean, and prestigious. Doing so encourages them to view work in a more positive light. This can lead to higher satisfaction levels, and when workers are happy and inspired, the business will perform better.


Make Guests and Tenants Feel Welcome


Making visitors feel comfortable in your workplace is critical. Whether they are bringing potential business or simply making a delivery, guests will linger at the front or inside of a workplace. During this small amount of time, they’ll most probably scan their eyes quickly on how your office looks, and already form impressions about your team based on it.

Unfounded or not, these impressions highlight the importance of having a workplace that’s both welcoming and aesthetically pleasing with a professional flair. One way to achieve this is by having available seats and desks for guests and a dedicated area where they can relax and comfortably wait. Make them feel welcome, even if they’re not really part of your company. This is professional courtesy and doing it right can make more people view your brand more positively.

Just imagine a clean, organised office vs. one that’s in desperate need of cleaning or repairs. Which do you think will visitors want to visit a second time? Also, word can spread quickly, so think of this as protecting your reputation as well.

Boardrooms and meeting rooms also help set the real impression of the workplace—having access to quality, professional rooms where tenants can meet with guests or clients says that the workplace is both welcoming and adheres to the golden standard when it comes to facilities. For example, at CoTEN, we let our tenants use high quality meeting rooms for presentations or to talk with guests at no extra cost. We also don’t put overt CoTEN branding on our premises. Instead, we encourage our tenants to brand their suites with their own logos, making it their own. This makes them and their guests and clients feel even more welcome.


Promote Efficiency and Reduce Work Stress


A workplace that looks professional puts emphasis on organisation and efficiency. This is an important point since studies have shown that too much clutter can make employees less efficient and contribute to more work-related stress. This is understandable, to say the least. The added thought of cleaning and re-organising things and the confusion of not finding the things you need quickly can elevate your stress levels, especially if your office to-do list is already stacked.

So, do yourself and your colleagues and employees a favour by having a well-organised, professional-looking workplace. Aside from encouraging more productivity as previously mentioned, having one helps reduce stress and promote efficiency, two things that are important in any business.


The CoTEN Solution


Now that we’ve detailed the advantages of a professional-looking workplace, it’s time to ask if yours fits the bill. If you feel you need one that’s better for your growing business, then we at CoTEN, The Co-tenancy Company will be glad to help. We offer quality and professional office spaces at prestigious CBD locations with top-notch amenities and features for businesses who want a workplace they can be proud of—all that with a fixed pricing setup so you can get more out of your budget. Contact us today and know how we can help your business.

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